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    Greg Mentzer, licensed Montana fishing outfitter and guide, Federation of Fly Fishers certified fly casting instructor, owner and operator of Montana River Guides offers private fly casting instruction to individuals, couples and groups.  He is also available to present casting instruction and fly fishing presentations to Chapters of Trout Unlimited and Federation of Fly Fishers clubs.  Greg has been guiding trout fly fishermen in Montana for 23 years.  He has personally introduced and instructed thousands of individuals to the sport Fly Fishing.  For 14 years Greg taught "Introduction to Fly Fishing for Trout and Smallmouth Bass" at the Tatnall School in Wilmington, Delaware each spring.  He is uniquely qualified and is an excellent, patient teacher.  Rates quoted upon request.

Greg Teaching Indoors

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Comments from students....

Hi Greg,

     Just a note to thank you for the great casting class that you put on.  Although I have been fly fishing for 53 years, I learned 5 things:  1.  the tilt plane cast, 2.  Lee Wulff's elliptical stroke, 3. assembling the rod using my hip to steady the ferrule, 4.  following an edge to cast straight and 5.  Swisher and Richards "Angling Strategies."

     Another reason I am emailing you is to request information on your Montana program.

Dick Papp


     Please accept my sincerest thanks for the casting lessons.  You are a fantastic teacher.........I really learned alot.  Thanks again and I hope you have a fantastic season in Montana!

Harry Stetser

Hi Greg,

     Carol and I thoroughly enjoyed the class last year and we went on to enjoy the year flyfishing every chance we got and plan a lot more this year.

     We constantly draw on the information we learned in your class and I will continue to recommend it highly.  It was great to attend as husband and wife because we can "criticize"--I mean "coach" each other when those loops get too big!  It also provided a whole new and exciting hobby to pursue together for which we thank you.

     Best of luck to you.  If there is some way I can help you out let me know.

Dick and Carol Gray

Dear Greg,

     I just wanted to thank you for the fly fishing course you gave.  Your lectures were excellent and your handouts and videos complemented your presentations.  What was particularly helpful was the "hands on" practice of fly casting with the individual instruction by yourself.  Your practical tips and preferences from your years of experience were invaluable.

     It was great of you to allow us to use your equipment and test various styles and weights of rods and line.  You are to be complemented in learning everyone's name, making us feel relaxed and welcome and treating us as friends.

     Again many thanks for giving the course.

Joe Horstmann


     Just wanted to say thank you for a terrific fly fishing course.  It was as informative as it was enjoyable.  It was clearly evident in your teaching style how much you enjoy the sport.  Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.  Thanks Greg--take care!

Carrie Strine

Dear Greg,

     Just a note to thank you for the manner in which you taught our fly fishing course this spring.

     All the sessions were full of useful instruction and insights--which you gave freely and forthrightly.  The details on tackle, casting and streams were both skill and confidence building and the overviews on insects and their fly counterparts whetted our appetites for getting into the subjects more.

     John and I now have an excellent base for some good times together.  Please use us for references if you so wish.

     Best wishes for continued success!

Bob Anderson 

Dear Greg,

     I was in your class last spring and just wanted to drop you a note to thank you and let you know that, as unteachable as I appeared to be then, I kept practicing and have had great fun with fishing since then.  I appreciate you introducing me to a great new hobby.  I also wanted to ask about your class for the coming spring.  I have a colleague....who expressed interest and thought I would have him contact you directly.

Larry Connell

Dear Greg,

     Just wanted to let you know I very much enjoyed the fly fishing class you offered.  We just came back from Rapid City, South Dakota....with family matters....I was able to get fly day.  I so much enjoyed trying out what I learned in class.

Nora Fauss


     I did enjoy the course.  I'd recommend it to anyone if you need a reference.  I thought the casting progression worked very well.

Ron Heringslack

Dear Greg,

     An urgent matter came up at work and I was disappointed that I had to miss some final pointers on my casts last week.  I really enjoyed the class.  I'll keep in touch and let you know of my progress.  Thanks again.

David Ormond

Dear Greg,

     Thanks again for a great course!  Hope your year is going well.

Peggy Emslie

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